Other countries Militaria for sale

Rare and beautiful pair of ww2 French cavalry and artillery gaiters ("houseaux d'artilleur"), size 3, nicely stamped but hardly readable, these are hard to get these days! Guaranteed war time era. 100% original and in good conditions. 35 €

For sale 2 original 30ies photographs picturing a French soldier belonging to the 25th mountain troopers regiment (25ème bataillon de chasseurs alpins) just before the second world war. 100% original printed on wartime paper and very detailed. 25 €

New entry, this one comes directly from my own collection and will be hard to upgrade. It’s a beautiful French Adrian M1926 helmet with M1937 type frontal insignia for artillery, with original paint, chinstrap and liner. The lid is maker marked Mamou, Marseille 1938. Genuine in every single part. SOLD

Very rare pair of French M1940 infantry gaiters, supposed to replace the archaic puttees by mid 1940, these are hard to get in these conditions! Nicely stamped Paris 1940. Guaranteed 100% original. SOLD

Here on offer a very rare French ww2 "F1" hand grenade, totally inert obviously, maker marked "AEM" and dated 1940. SOLD

For sale this unique French ww2 soldier mannequin in museum quality. The soldier (43th Infantry Regiment of Lille) is complete of everything but the rifle. Please inquire for a complete list. The vast majority of the items are maker marked and dated, some of them are impossible to find these days. Please also note that the complete uniform (coat, jacket, shirt and pants) belonged to the same man, and insignias are original applied to the set! SOLD

New addition: Nice pair of worn US army buckle boots M1943, original and pre-1945, conditions are used but goods, markings have unfortunately faded away, size is approximately a EUR 43-44. SOLD



Very nice French Lebel bayonet leather holder pattern 1888-14, in use in the French Army between 1918 and 1940. SOLD

Very nice olive-drab, long sleeve, wool flannel US model 1936 shirt for enlisted men. The shirt has two breast patch pocket with button-down flaps. On the inner left side is a gas flap that mates with three matching buttons are on the right inner side. There is a small tag marked "141/2, 33" at the back inside of the collar. Under the collar on the back are two buttons 3" apart to hold a gas hood. The two button cuffs have gas protection gussets sewn into the expansion area. SOLD

For sale this rare French ww2 2 Litres water bottle M1877 with original leather strap and corks, cloth tag with the name of the soldier on the bottom of the bottle, simply nice and genuine! SOLD

Superb Enlisted men French "Pantalon Golf" trousers pattern 1938 in excellent conditions, nicely stamped 1940 and with regiment marking (5th infantry regiment), very good size for mannequin (92 M). SOLD

New for sale this beautiful ww2 british service side cap pattern 37 with 8th Kings Royal Irish Hussars cap badge, size 7 and dated 1942. 100% untouched and original. SOLD

Fantastic French ww2 Lebel 1886-15 bayonet,  complete with original scabbard retaining 98% of its paint, hard to upgrade this one. SOLD

For sale a nice and complete French ww2 gasmask (ANP31 type) with special double filter. All the parts are dated and stamped to the same maker, really nice set from 1935 in very good conditions. SOLD

Nice US army ww2 camp folding bed in very good conditions, 1944 dated, comes with 2 original war time web straps. Very nice for displays and war rooms! SOLD

Nice French ww1 / ww2 leather belt for enlisted men and NCOs, full length, original pre-1945. SOLD

Beautiful Adrian infantry steel helmet mod.1915, with typical horizon blue paint, nice leather liner and chin strap, absolutely original and untouched. Gorgeous item almost 100 years old! SOLD

Nice French ww2 leather belt for enlisted men and NCOs, full length, original pre-1945. SOLD

Pair of tropical shoulder boards which I presume to be british, with covers. Worn and in good conditions. SOLD

For sale a nice and original privately purchased officer's beret with round golden badge for the Maginot Line troops, as used in the 30s-40s. SOLD

Up for sale a beautiful ww2 Russian officer mapcase, in very good conditions. This one has been used by a German soldiers belonging to the Afrikakorps which also took part to the Italian campaign. Indeed the soldier wrote on the reverse of the flap all the locations were he has fought: El Alamein, Tobruk, Marsa Matruk, Bengasi, Tunis, Lampedusa, Napoli, Anzio, Nettuno, Monte Cassino, La Spezia, Pisa and Livorno. 100% original item direct from the owner's family in Germany. SOLD


For sale a beautiful round cap badge for French officer of the Ligne Maginot with motto "On ne passe pas", golden light metallic version for officers, original and in very good conditions. SOLD

French world war 2 "Poilu" lot: Aluminium mess tin and ANP31 Gasmask bag (empty). Pictures will follow shortly, both items guaranted 100% original. SOLD

French world war 2 "Poilu" lot: Aluminium mess tin  model 1935 and pair of model 1938 ammunition pouches for Lebel, Berthier and MAS36 rifles. Pouches are nearly matching (the picture makes one look way more brighter but it's not the case in reality), nicely stamped 1939, complete and untouched, very good conditions. SOLD

For sale a nice Adrian mod.1926 Infantry helmet, complete and in very good conditions. SOLD

For sale a mint Dutch mod.1934 helmet (nicely marked Lederwarenfabriek Firma J. de Valk, Amsterdam). Hard to upgrade! SOLD

For sale a beautiful ww2 Belgian helmet (Brussels maker) in very good conditions. SOLD