About me

I have been collecting for the last 20 years now, with a main focus on German and Italian ww2 Militaria. More recently I also started some French ww2 projects, especially relating to the "Maginot Alpine". I am always interested in trading and buying new militaria for my collection, don't hesitate to contact if you intend selling one of the items listed below (only originals in very good conditions):


- DAK LW tie,
- DAK Flak shoulderboards,
- black Afrikakorps cufftitle,
- DAK Heer and LW camouflage helmets,
- DAK Heer ankle boots,

- DAK Heer NCO and EM shoulderboards

- Italian REI woolen tie, enlisted men type,
- Italian REI shirt with zip,
- Italian REI woolen socks,
- Italian REI binoculars,
- Italian REI tropical shoulderboards for Bersaglieri officer,
- Italian REI tropical camiciotto for enlisted men,
- Italian REI "nappina" for GaF officer, without feather holder,
- Italian REI "nappina" for GaF enlisted men,
- Italian OTO handgrenade, deactivated,
- Everything from the Guardia alla Frontiera

- French SFAM insignas.