German Militaria for sale (Page 1)

In this section I will list the doubles from my collection that I intend to sell. Of course only 100% original items and in good conditions. Please feel free to contact me for more information or pictures.

For sale this beautiful Panzer (armoured troops) visor cap (Schirmmütze) for enlisted men and NCOs with pink piping. The cap is in very good conditions, all components are original to the cap, the celluloid has been taken off otherwise in very good conditions. Size is approx. 57 cm. Guaranteed 100% original. SOLD

New for sale this fantastic pair of German ww2 mountain troopers "Gebirgsjägers" leather ankle boots, correct with all nails and markings (maker of these is Dihlmann), size is a good 28 cm, one leather is missing though, otherwise a splendid pair of boots for your Gebirgsjäger display! SOLD

Up for sale a beautiful DAK Afrika Korps protective coat for motorcyclists and officers. The coat comes from an old German stock, dated 1944, never issued absolutely new and beautiful. 100% original. Nicely stamp, complete with all buttons. Please feel free to ask for more pictures! SOLD

For sale this very nice and uncommon Reibert instruction manual for the artillery, dated 1937 and complete with all colour tables. SOLD

For sale a very nice WH Heer speed loader for MP38 and MP40 sub-machine guns, made by kur (Steyr-Daimler-Puch AG, Werk Graz, fuhrhoffsgasse 44) in 1943. Guaranteed 100% original. SOLD

Fantastic Afrikakorps "Afrika" cufftitle in top conditions, 100% original! SOLD

Very nice set of WH heavy leather straps M1939, late war type marked RBNr. Guaranteed 100% original. SOLD

Very nice and not so common Wehrmacht mess tin 1931 in red enameled steel, a typical late war feature. The mess tin is maker marked "MN 43". Overall in good conditions. SOLD

Fantastic pair a Wehrmacht 6x30 binocculars, late war tan version from maker Swarovski (code "cag"), with leather strap and occular protection. This example is stamped with the little blue triangle, lubrication mark which appeared in late 1943 identifying equipment which has been treated for very cold temperatures. SOLD

Fantastic bevo type tropical/DAK sidecap / billed cap eagle, stock item never has been worn. Guaranteed 100% original. SOLD

Nice WH visor cap oak wreath and cockade, with serial number and DRGM markings, all splints present. Guaranteed genuine and pre-1945. SOLD

Beautiful and rare Luftwaffe pilot's trousers, late war type in heavy brown cotton, complete with original zippers (Rapid and Zipp), with added thigh pocket (commonly seen during the war) and a small war time repair, big size, perfect for display. 100% original. SOLD

Fantastic and rare pair of original WW2 German goggles Auer Neophan. Rubber band is still flexible, excellent conditions. Very popular amongst the Afrikakorps soldiers and U-Boat crew members. Price for this beautiful set SOLD

For sale an original ww2 Wehrmacht Heer Wehrpaß for a ww1 war veteran, opened in 1938. The soldier has been awarded with the ww1 Iron Cross 2nd class, Fronttkämpfer Ehrenkreuz and wounded badge for 2 wounds (1916 and 1918). During ww2 because of his age he served in the Landwehr in Saarbrücken. 100% original. SOLD


New this week a very nice worn Afrikakorps cuff title, this is the latest and rarest type of cuff titles made of this kind. Guaranteed genuine and pre-1945! SOLD

Up for sale this nice German ww2 water bottle ("Feldflasche") M1931, dated 1938 with bakelite cup dated 1941. Nice cover, no moth holes, 100% original. SOLD


New addition: Fantastic set of NSDAP 10 Years Long Service medal in bronze and case maker marked RZM M1/142 (Josef Hillebrand, Gablonz). Guaranteed 100% original. SOLD

This is an excellent example of the highly coveted German Cross in Gold as produced by the firm of G. F. Zimmerman and marked on the underside of the pin with the number “20”. The cross is constructed with 4 hollow rivets on the reverse as is characteristic of the Zimmerman made pieces. The enamel on the swastika is flawless. There is only the very slightest of wear on one or two of the rays with the ray plate retaining virtually 99.5% of all its original gray/black finish. Some light patina has form on the circular silver back plate behind the swastika but this is nothing that distracts from the piece in the least. This is an absolutely exquisite example of this beautiful award in unbeatable condition. SOLD

Very nice Luftwaffe Anti-Aircraft Flak Battle Badge ("Flak-Kampfabzeichen der Luftwaffe"). This was a German military award instituted on 10 January 1941 by the Commander in Chief of the Luftwaffe Hermann Göring to commemorate soldiers or servicemen of the Flak Artillery who distinguished themselves in action against enemy aerial or ground attacks. The exemplar for sale is an unmarked Steinhauer & Lück, Lüdenscheid. Beautiful details and conditions. SOLD

For sale this rare tropical version of a WH (Heer) Trade- & Special career insignia i.e. signal 'Blitz' as intended for a soldier of the 'Kradschütznbtle. der Pz. Div. und Inf. Divisionen (Mot.)' (motorcycle reconnaissance battalions) in mint, unissued condition. The patch is neatly stitched on reed-green linnen, having a reinforced linnen border. A nice and fairly scarce DAK patch! SOLD

Newly listed is this beautiful German WWII Naval  (Kriegsmarine) Dress Mess Tunic Jacket, complete with all its original Navy marked buttons and fine Navy officers breast Eagle (often done to upgrade a EM/NCO Jacket although unofficial), machine embroidered in deep golden yellow thread. On the sleeve is a nice Hauptgefreiter's chevron. This Jacket is made of a fine Melton wool, the upper sleeve lining is an inked Navy B.A.K. stamp and number. The blue shooting 2nd grade lanyard with one acorn can also be purchased along with the jacket. The DRL sports badge is not part of the sale. SOLD

Very nice and rare INERT German ww2 anti-personnel rifle grenade (Gewehrsprenggranate), maker marked, with Waffenamt stamp and dated 1944. SOLD

I'm offering for sale various brown bakelite bottles of antigas ointment "Losantin", I have many years and makers available ranging from 1936 to 1943. Good conditions, bottles are still full. Price 10 € each

Very nice, unmarked example of an Iron Cross 2nd class "Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse 1939", with original ribbon. SOLD

I'm adding a few German ww2 medals and awards that I recently aquired: a war merit cross 1939 (Kriegsverdienstkreuz mit Schwertern 2. Klasse 1939) with original ribbon, 2 very nice unmarked examples of iron crosses 2nd class 1939 (Eisernes Kreuz 1939 2.Klasse) with ribbon, 2 silver class - loyal service medals for 25 years of service (Treudienst-Ehrenzeichen für 25jährige Treue Dienste) with ribbon and pin and a very nice Eastern Front medal (Medaille Winterschlacht im Osten (Ostmedaille)) made by Hermann Wernstein, Jena-Lobstedt (code "5"). Please enquire for single prices

For sale a magnificent German ww2 40 years service cross "treue Dienste Ehrenzeichen 1. Stufe für 40 Jahre in Gold" in the Wehrmacht made by Deschler & Sohn in Munich, in original case. SOLD

For sale several German pre- and war time workers ID booklets "Arbeitsbuch", in very good conditions, 1st and 2nd pattern available, some still have there "Merkblatt" flyer dated 1935. SOLD

For sale an original ww2 German ID booklet or Wehrpass from a Wehrmacht Heer soldier from Karlsruhe, opened in 1939. The soldier has been trained to use the 3,7 cm Pak antitank gun in a Panzer-Abwehr unit. Please feel free to ask for more details or pictures. Very good conditions, SOLD

 New for sale is this vet picked up Afrikakorps set in nice, worn "has been there" conditions. The set is composed of a nice 98k bayonett with scabbard and the typical tropical tan web frog(with owner's name at the rear). Beautiful set in very good conditions and 100% original. SOLD

For sale a nice and 100% original artillery visor cap for EM/NCOs of the Wehrmacht Heer. The leather sweat band is nicely stamped with various regiments numbers, such as Artillerie Regiment 33. Some moth holes at the rear of the cap, not too disturbing for an overall still very nice looking big sized visor cap. SOLD

Recently found from private this lovely Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) drum in good conditions. These are getting rare by the day. SOLD

I'm offering a very nice Wehrmacht field telephone mod.33 in bakelite, the phone itself is dated 1944, the receiver is dated 1944 too, complete with the little crank dated 1942. Completely untouched. SOLD

For sale a beautiful war time bakelite lantern, complete with the original slide in covers on both sides, simply fantastic and rare in those conditions. SOLD

Very nice and almost mint Wehrpaß personal booklet cover (unfortunately only the cover), dated 1942, 100% original with return guarantee. Has been issued. SOLD