Afrikakorps DAK belt buckles

I recently spotted on the German Militaria collecting market a new variety of tropical, Afrikakorps or DAK belts and belt buckles. It looks like each dealer or online shop got one, probably sold as the "new old stock" found in a German basement...

I don't want to shout at the fake without more in depth investigation, but the pictures here below should point out some strange aspects of those tropical belts and buckles. It's the kind of item I wouldn't like in my collection and definitely not for the price asked.

Point of concern # 1: The shiny and brand new looking prongs of the belt buckle.

Point of concern # 2: A slightly crissing in the molding of the belt buckle, not found on original ones which are completely straight. Makers found so far were HA and dated 1941 and 1942.

Point of concern # 3: The webbing material doesn't only look brand new, it's also quite different from the many originals I have been handling so far. The thread dangerously looks like the reproduction webbing made in Pakistan. The webbing looks odd on either belt and belt buckle tab.

Other than that, the molding really does look convincing, as well as the paint and markings. The webbing and stitching also improved a lot in the recent years. So if I would have a piece of advise to give to any Afrikakorps interested collector, that would be to be very careful and only buy if you are perfectly comfortable with the item or if the seller gives a good return policy to avoid any disappointment.